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IT-guiden har deltagit i GOWThe network Digidelnätverket is a non-hierarchical, independent and democratic networking group, working to increase digital inclusion in Sweden. The network was formed after the national campaign for increased digital participation – Digidel2013 – ended in December 2013. The aim is to increase digital inclusion and accessibility of digital services in Sweden, through collaboration and shared knowledge work.

Follow us and participate via Facebook; Digidelnätverket and Twitter; #digidel and #eMedborgarveckan

The 2015 eMedborgarveckan (eCitizens’ week), as well as Sweden’s participation in the International Get Online Week, is co-ordinated by Digidelnätverket.

eMedborgarveckan (eCitizens’ week) is a national campaign week focusing on e-services in general and the digital divide between citizens who know how to use the Internet and its services and those who yet not is familiar with the Net. eCitizens’ week involves activities and efforts of participating actors, both on a local, regional and national level.
The aim is to increase digital inclusion and the knowledge and use of all public

eCitizens’ week is a good opportunity for dialogue between e-services providers and those who actually meet the citizens who are about to become users . For example,
e-services from local and national authorities will be presented, tested and marketed in a multitude of locations , open to all.

The 2015 eCitizens’ week will be active during October 5 to 11, simultaneously with the International Dyslexia Week. More than 250 participants are registered, including the local offices of the Social Insurance Agency and the Inland Revenue, as well as municipal libraries and other departments in almost 100 local authorities, folk high schools, adult educational associations, , district administrations and regional councils.

The planning and co-ordination work for the 2015 eCitizens’ week is financially supported by the Swedish Government and Internet Foundation in Sweden IIS. The IIS supports the eMedborgarveckan (eCitizens´week) and Get Online Week for 2016.